As a franchisee, you'll own and drive a Mac Tools® truck which serves as your personal mobile tools store and be assigned a unique route list with approximately 325 potential customers. Plus, you'll have access to Mobile Business Assistant (MBA), a proprietary software to manage customer accounts, inventory, reporting, and more. All along the way, we offer ongoing training, mentoring and field support along with new product innovations and monthly flyers to help grow your business.

Mac Tools Credit™

You can offer customers a convenient, monthly payment plan through Mac Tools Credit™ to help them get the tools they need. This extended customer credit program can help you continue to move products off your truck and into the hands of technicians.

Investment Info

 Many factors can determine the exact investment required to start your own Mac Tools® franchise. Below is a list of potential costs associated with starting your business, and the estimated investment ranges for each. Financing is available for qualified candidates.


Type of ExpenditureAmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$8,000Lump sumAt signing of Franchise AgreementMac Tools
Annual Fee$1,200Lump sumWithin 30 days of the date of invoiceMac Tools
Travel and Living Expenses While Training$2,025 to $4,050Lump sum
As arranged by you
Airlines, hotels, & restaurants
Initial (Starter) InventoryUp to $85,000 (less any incentives offered to you by us)Lump sum
Upon signing the Franchise Agreement
Mac Tools
Vehicle Purchase or Lease$10,000 to $120,000As required by suppliersAs required by suppliersTruck suppliers
Vehicle Painting and Decal Application$0 to $8,640Lump sumUpon signing the Franchise AgreementSuppliers of truck painting and decal application services
Equipment$0 to $1,500Lump sumPrior to openingMac Tools and other suppliers
Payment Processing Services$0 to $500As required by providerAs required by provider
Approved suppliers
Professional Fees$850 to $1,800As arranged by youAs arranged by youYour professional advisors
Insurance$271 to $340 per month; $1,626 to $2,040 for first 6 monthsLump sumPrior to openingInsurance company or companies
Work Attire / Uniforms$200Lump sumPrior to openingApproved suppliers
Computer System$2,500 to $4,200As arranged by you and supplierPrior to signing the Franchise AgreementMac Tools or other designated supplier
Advertising Associated With Commencement of Business$50 to $250As incurredUpon receipt of invoiceSuppliers
Licenses, Permits and Authorizations$50 to $250Lump sumPrior to openingGovernment agencies
Additional Funds: 3 To 6 Months (Working Capital)$20,000 to $50,000As incurred
As incurred
Various suppliers, employees and others


All figures in the above table are estimates only. In US Dollars for franchisees in the US. Actual amounts will vary for each franchisee and each location depending upon a number of factors. The estimates provided above assume that you will operate one Route. Generally, none of the amounts presented in are refundable.